About me

World history is a giant piece of puzzle. Every city or country you visit you find a piece or two of that puzzle. Solving that puzzle can be very addictive. And the most fun and effective way to solve it is through traveling

Andrea Belfiore

andrea_belfioreBorn in Sofia, Bulgaria the 29th May 1988, from father Italian and mother Bulgarian, we immigrated in Brussels in 1992. I’ve studied in European school in Uccle and after I continued my studies in history and arts. Nowadays it’s hard to find a pure Belgian from Belgium, the construction of this country is based on the massive immigration, so I feel Belgian even I’m also very proud of my origins. It’s thanks to Belgium I can grow, work and build my future. I started to work as a guide since I was 16. Nevertheless, at the beginning I was working as assistant in the tourism industry, after I realized that according to my personality, the most adequate job was the one of tour leader guide. My passion for history, arts, architecture, languages, paintings and my curious behavior entice my clients to follow me in my trips and explanations. It’s extremely important to be sincere during the explanations; it’s obvious we cannot know everything about history, literature, science or whatever; culture is everywhere: even a trump in the street can teach you something. The most important is to try to find the answer, fight for the customers because they deserve it. The pull factor and the joker in my deck is not the copy/paste knowledge coming from the books or museums, but analyzes peeled from the school of the street, this job you learn to do it while you are doing it. There is not better school than experience itself and especially, bad experiences. My objective is not to describe my country like the heaven, but to entice my clients inside the real life of Belgium in few days, with his positive and negative sides: it’s a very hard goal. My philosophy asserts the values of my job: the clients pay, so my job is to make them happy and give the best, not the minimum. The key words of my job are: the client is the king.